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Q.How many Apartment Units are available for lease?
A. The Metropolitan Center houses 24 Luxury Apartment units total; six (6) Two Bedroom / Two Bath units, and eighteen (18) One Bedroom / One Bath Units.
Q.What is the lease rate (Rent) per month for an Apartment Unit?
A. The unit lease is based upon the square footage of the apartment. As the Metropolitan Center is a 150+ year old Historic Development, the units are of various sizes; view our Floor Plans. 1 Bedroom Units typically range between $1,100.00 – $1,200.00 per month, and 2 Bedrooms units range between $1,500 -$1,600.00 per month, and require the same for deposit. We have six (6) Low-Income Units available as well. All Apartments include: City Water, City Sewer, and Waste Removal Service. You will be responsible for the High-Efficiency “Green” Electric Heat/AC, Cable TV, and Internet Service. AT&T and Charter TV & High-Speed Internet are available in the building.
Q.How do I find out if any Apartments are Available?
A. Right here on this website, just click the link Available Space. If no listing is right for you, check back often! Listings can become available at anytime. We also advertise on various Downtown Kalamazoo websites, and CraigsList.
Q.I am moving to Kalamazoo around “random month”, do you have any openings?”
A. We really have no way of knowing. Tenants move for various reasons, Job Transfers, End-of-Lease without renewal, Life changing reasons, etc. If you request, we can put your name on our “Waiting List” at no charge. Please Contact Us and put “Waiting List” in the subject line, then include your e-mail address, best phone number(s) to contact you, what date you want to move-in, and whether you are seeking a 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, or Low-Income Qualified unit in the message and Submit. We will automatically add you to the List and contact you 30 -to-45 days in advance of any known upcoming vacancy! Otherwise, check this website when you get closer to your move date.
Q.Is Parking included in the Apartment Lease?
A. No. Parking Arrangements can be made through Central City Parking. Our building is adjacent to “Lot 9” and long-term, designated, monthly parking arrangements can be made through their office. Current Monthly Parking for Lot 9 is $58.00 per month.
Q.What do I need to Qualify for Tenancy?
A. You need to complete an Application for Lease Download Rental Application Form, pass a Credit and Background Check, and provide a Security Deposit equal to 1 months rent.
Q.Do you allow Pets?
A. Yes! We allow up to two (2) pets; two (2) cats, or two (2)dogs, or one of each! A one-time, non-refundable, pet deposit of $250.00 is required.
Q.How does the “Waiting List” work?
A. The Waiting List is completely impartial. When we know an Apartment Unit is soon to become available, we first “group” e-mail everyone on the list, then follow-up by phone. The first person to successfully complete the Application process AND provide a Security Deposit, will be given first right-of-refusal to the available unit. If agreeable, they must sign a “Lease Agreement”, only at this point is the unit “off-the-market”. If declined by the first party, this process continues down the list until someone completes the process and signs a Lease Agreement. No favoritism is given to ANYONE; this is truly on a “First Come, First Serve” basis.
Q.I Love the Metropolitan Center, and I know I want to live here! How can I “Guarantee” a reservation for the next Available Unit?
A. While we offer our Waiting List at no charge, the only way we can guarantee a unit is for you to complete the entire Application process, including providing the Security Deposit. If you complete the entire application process and provide a minimum Security Deposit of, $ 1,000.00 for a one (1) Bedroom Unit, $ 1,500.00 for a two (2) Bedroom unit, you will be “Next-in-Line” for an available opening. Unfortunately, we cannot Guarantee WHEN an Apartment Unit will become available, only that you will be given the first “Right-of-Refusal” on the designated unit. This perferred, “Pre-Qualified” status also operates on a “First Come, First Serve” basis.


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Q.Are any of the units available to Low-Income Qualified families?”
A. Yes. We have six (6), One (1) Bedroom units that are ear-marked ONLY for Low-Income Qualified tenants.
Q.How does the Low Income Program work??”

A. Of our six (6) ear-marked “Low-Income” units, four (4) units are set aside for HUD’s “HOME” Income Qualified Program; two (2) of these 4 units at the 60% Income Limit, and two (2) at the 80% Income Limit.

The two (2) remaining Low-Income Units are set aside for the “Affordable Housing” program, which is limited to 30% (plus up to 5% for utilities) of the Low-Income (80%) Limit, which is currently $33,200.00 (Published 2014 Rate, 2015 rates will be published sometime in February).

These “Low-Income” programs are designated to six (6) specific apartment units at the Metropolitan Center. You will need to apply for these programs, and re-qualify every year thereafter. Our Property Manager can provide you additional details, provide you the “Low-Income” application & qualification forms, and even pre-qualify you! HUD Income Limit Rates and Rental Rates are revised annually in February and go into effect in April of that year. Contact Us for additional details.

Q.How do I find out if any Low-Income Units are Available?
A. Right here on this website, just click the link Available Space. We clearly list if the Unit is a Low-Income Qualified Unit. We also advertise on various Downtown Kalamazoo websites, and CraigsList.
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